whiteness gaslighting

trump in power is when white folks are mad. it took Trump becoming the president. now  white folks are freaking out. the oppressor is at their doorstep! or at least the threat of one. not amused. im not participating in their spectacle of fear. many people are in immediate threat. many arent, although they seem to be the ones freaking out the most. yeah and ya’ll should of had our backs along time ago. im tired of having the same conversations. tired of cradling the white ego. trump isnt the excuse we need to be doing the work we should already be doing. take seriously building up your friends and creating space. but also know it isnt trump or Obama or the Clintons fault. Its our fault. we let this happen. we allowed it to happen a long time ago and its  not by not voting  (another  thing to blame) . we all have and continue to participate in a system of chains that does not work like it or not, even if you dumpster dive and shoplift and theoretically dont believe your better than a person of color.( Thank you http://crimethinc.com/ for glorifying acting like a privileged prick). whenever you realized this is when you should of acted, creating  space in our communities.yeah thats it. space.just space, space to be seen and heard even if you werent a fucking white nerd like in the rest of the damn world. lets keep it light so i can make my point. yes the police have created a force they cannot control. yes the white supremacists are feeling a bit more courageous. but these things have always been happening., ALWAYS.ALWAYS. its not more real because your afraid, we’ve been afraid out whole lives. this isnt  the moment your insurrection has been waiting for because we dont trust you.  we need to provide for our children and you wont even share the resources you have access to to help us grow food or get medicine. because its not a priority to you. youve never actually experienced real need. also we knew trump was going to win.