We Ain’t Scurred: State Harassment Won’t Stop Movement Against Police Brutality

We Ain’t Scurred: State Harassment Won’t Stop Movement Against Police Brutality Twin Cities IWW General Defense Committee The Twin Cities IWW General Defense Committee (GDC) wishes to make kn…

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REPOST: Transwoman incarcerated in NOLA – HELP GET HER OUT!

We received a message below from our contacts. Let’s do what we can and get her out. [SEE ORIGINAL POST]

HEY! My good friend is in jail in New Orleans and we are trying to raise money to bail her out. She was targeted as a homeless queer person and is facing 3 charges, potentially felonies. We believe this was the result of class and gender discrimination. This girl is one of the most selfless, kindest people I know and is very likely going to be targeted in jail for being the sensitive, darling person she is. Her bail is set at $7500 and the bond is $1000. We are looking to have benefit shows as well to try and raise funds. As of right now, we are keeping this anonymous to protect her as we haven’t been able to speak to her yet.



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Nazis At the National Press Club!

The Lamp



Back in 2011, we reported on a white supremacist event at the National Press club held by Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute.
From that event we were able to obtain and upload the strategy handout from the event called “Why the GOP Must Win White America”

NPI is a white supremacist group who tries to mask themselves as wonky policy group. Simple searches on Google on the group, Richard Spencer and his speaker line up (Jared Taylor, Peter Brimlow and Paul Gottfried) will bring up a plethora of articles and information on exactly who and what they are.

We find their using the National Press Club as a venue disturbing and it makes us wonder if the National Press Club knows who NPI really is.

The Press Club needs to know…

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10 Days to Black Freedom: A Fundraiser for Marissa Alexander

Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander

We continue to keenly focus our attention on Tuesday, January 27th, the day Marissa is scheduled to be released from a Jacksonville jail.  Upon her release, Marissa will begin a 2-year house arrest requiring she be once again shackled with an ankle monitoring device.  This device physically and financially shackles Marissa to the State of Florida as it requires her to pay $105 weekly to maintain the monitoring device.

Our hope is to ease Marissa’s transition by raising the entirety of the 2-year monitoring fees – $10,920 – in the 10 days prior to her scheduled release.  To that end, Free Marissa Now and CAFMA are launching “10 Days to Black Freedom: A Fundraiser for Marissa Alexander” this Saturday, January 17th. Donations can be made HERE. We need to reach $56,870 by January 27th to meet the goal.

fundraiser info
CAFMA will kick off this fundraiser by matching the first $1000 donated to the ongoing

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