Justice for Mike Brown is Justice for All, Fuck the Police State!


[Credit: Associated Press]

Saturday, August 9th, 18-year old Michael Brown was shot dead by police after what they called a “struggle over the officer’s weapon”. Witnesses claim Brown was no threat to anyone and was simply walking in the road when officers told him to “get the fuck on the sidewalk”. Despite this he was shot 8 times by an officer only days before he was scheduled to start college. Sunday night, August 10th, crowds gathered in protest of the shooting and for justice to be served. A riot soon broke out in Ferguson, Missouri, a town about 20 miles north of St. Louis. There protesters were confronted by nearly 150 police in riot gear who engaged the crowd with tear gas.

As expected, the media has chosen to largely ignore the death of an 18-year old black man and instead focus on the loss of property in the riots…

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